ACSS was formed in 1998 by Bill Lyne, a professionally qualified Company Secretary with appropriate background and skills and many years practical experience.

Bill Lyne is available on a part-time basis to companies and other organisations to:

  • act in the statutory role of Company Secretary
  • perform the duties & responsibilities of a Company Secretary
  • provide company secretarial and related corporate administrative and compliance services
  • assist incumbent company secretaries in understanding their duties, responsibilities and scope of the role
  • relieve company secretaries during temporary absence (to cover holidays, etc)
  • provide assistance in the company secretarial functions during busy times (eg, during compilation of annual financial statements, production of annual report &/or preparation for the annual general meeting)
  • undertake an audit of statutory and administrative records to ensure adherence to legal and corporate requirements
  • train and mentor company secretaries
  • guide directors and management in board reporting and governance


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